Phlebotomy Schools

Researching Phlebotomy Schools Starts You On A Great Career

If you love science, especially chemistry and biology, and enjoy helping people, then researching phlebotomy schools may be the first step down a great career path for you. A career in phlebotomy is interesting, fast-paced, and in high demand.

In case you are not familiar with the term, a phlebotomist is the technician in the hospital or lab who draws blood from the veins of patients. The phlebotomist also has the responsibility of storing and labeling the blood after collection so that it can be tested in the hematology lab. The blood test results are used by the doctor to determine accurate diagnoses and craft patient care plans. This is an important job and most phlebotomists feel they have an important and rewarding career.

Phlebotomy is a health care job in high demand. Upon completion of your certificate or diploma at one of the accredited phlebotomy schools, you will have the opportunity to work in a wide variety of settings.

Phlebotomists can be employed at hospitals, clinical labs, blood banks and bloodmobiles, walk-in clinics, and large medical practices. Other employers include state and federal government agencies, such as the Veterans Administration, state and federal prisons, free clinics, and military bases.

Phlebotomy schools are where you start on this exciting career. When choosing the correct program for you, there are several questions you should research and find answers to.

Does the school offer career placement services?

Many phlebotomy schools will offer assistance with resume writing, interview coaching, and may even work with local employers who are looking for recent graduates to come work for them. Select a school which offers this service.

Is the school current on the latest industry standards?

As with all health care and science related fields, phlebotomy is a fast changing field of work. Advances in technology, changes to laws, and upgraded sanitation requirements can be demanding! You want to make sure that your phlebotomy school is up to par and committed to keeping up with current trends within this industry.

Is the school accredited?

Choosing an accredited school is important. If you decide to further your education in the future, say to pursue an additional certification, credits from a non-accredited school may not be accepted. This could hold you back in your future career.

Does the school offer flexible class schedules?

If you are working to pay for your education or work full-time and are researching phlebotomy schools in order to advance your earning potential, this will be an important factor to consider. If you are going to be a full time student, this may not be as much as a factor for you.

Does the school assist with financial aid?

Many schools will assist you with finding financial aid through work study programs, grants, or scholarships. You will find this advice invaluable as you pursue your education.

A career in phlebotomy will offer you job opportunities, a great salary, the chance to help people, and personal satisfaction. The best way to launch a great career is to do thorough research on phlebotomy schools.

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